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I started my design career at the early age of four when I would draw monsters for my parents.  As I got a little older, I started drawing knights and horses as I went through a phase of Dungeons and Dragons.  At the same time I started paying close attenting to film making and scriptwriting before I even knew what a script was.  I would record the movie and write out the scene and charactor dialogue.  (Little did I know how important that would be later in my career.)

As a teenager, I got into designing flyers for local and international rock concerts for various bands coming through Phoenix, Arizona.  I started out using the 'cut and paste' technique by typing up text and copying graphics out of magazines, then filling in my own graphics on the flyers. I quickly moved on to computer graphic arts as soon as classes were offered at the local community colleges.  

From designing concert flyers, I dove deep into photography, designing with Photoshop and Illustrator to manipulate and customize the images to fit my project.  I soon felt pulled into experimenting with varying colors and shapes, as well as playing with logos and text designs.  

Motion graphics and animation soon got my attention as I was creating video montages for my own business.  My love for 'moving pictures' soon took center stage as I began animating images and graphics as a way of creating interest and dynamics for my videos. Then my desire to tell a story became more and more prominent as I included story lines into my projects, bringing the viewer into the film (I still feel a good story line beats a car chase any day of the week.)

After finishing a music based studio project, I felt the need to write a screenplay to allow my creative juices flow visually once more. So, I again, employed my writing talents to formulate a script based on the song I had composed in the studio.  From that song, came three other songs and an 8-minute short film, RITUAL, that was accepted into 11 film festivals around the world, winning three awards in Hollywood, including Best Music Video.

Soon after, another music project and video opportunity arose: Sarah Mayhem. Working with a local producer and co-writing the music for another local singer, I wrote the screenplay for Dominance, a music video that also won a Best Music Video award in Hollywood.  

At present, I continue creating marketing materials, filming music videos and designing posters, honing my talents and creative energy.  

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